Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22 March 2017

Pls Bring a Cloth by Friday

- Finding Grammar Mistakes for the script - by Friday
- Performace Task - Service Learning is on 23 March, tomorrow 

- Holiday Homework. Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the Programa Favela-Bairro strategy, and also providing a photograph of a place in Singapore that has special meaning to you. 
- Please check the google classroom for additional information.

- Please complete the notes on 'The flow of matter and energy in the environment'
- For the group that has not presented, find a video and present the topic to the whole class.  Also, give a summary for the video

- Complete the new set of notes until pg 8
- Previous notes assignment 4.  Complete it. Question 13 to 17
- Please complete the trailer by Thursday(tomorrow)
- The ADMT final submission date of the whole movie - 13 April 2017

- Brand Name and Tagline
- Primary and Secondary results in google classroom

- For the next lesson, coaches have to do the drills
- Past coaches need to fill in the statistics

Sorry if I had forgotten some homework.

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