Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 2 Dangers in Cyberspace - my digital footprint

Let's ask ourselves the following question before watching the following video
What is Digital Footprint?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 2
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(a) Reflect on the imminent dangers presented in the video.

(b) Why do you think many people are ignorant of such dangers?

(c) What do you think should be done to make people aware of these dangers?


  1. (a) You will get stalked by other people and there will be rumors.
    (b) They are too ignorant and they think that others cannot trace them.
    (c) People should not use media.

  2. a) People stalking , trying to see your activity tracking you looking at you to see whether you can be their victim for sexual stuff , stealing and other bad things

    b) I think many people think that you are not being seen.

    c) Clear your history browser , use incognito (just to be safe) , most importantly be aware of the dangers lurking in the internet

  3. a) Everyone can track you and see what you are doing
    b) They do not know of this
    c) Make posters and tell people

  4. a) The imminent dangers presented in the video are people can stalk other people and that information can be passed on.
    b) Many people may not be educated.
    c) There should be more campaigns to make people more aware of these dangers.

  5. a)Whenever you log into a website, your information can be traced, copied, and passed on to many different people.
    b)Many people are taking the internet for granted for its safety promises.
    c)Start organisations and educate more people about this.

  6. a) What ever you do online can be tracked by anyone
    b) Because people think they are behind a screen and what they do will not be known
    c) Have ads on google to ward about these dangers

  7. a)
    -Private information is leaked
    -People can stalk you

    -They think that they are using something very secure
    -They think that nobody will bother with hacking

    -People could create unwanted rumours from their information
    -Their embarrassing moments could be revealed and they would be humiliated.

  8. (a) The imminent danger is invasion of privacy.
    (b) Many people do not believe that others would watch them out of million others that people might invade.
    (c) We can educate the people in schools, work places and put posters explaining these in public places.

  9. a) Your information can be traced
    b) They wanted to make more friends
    c) There should be a warning sign shown at the front page of any social media

  10. a) Dangerous people unknown to you can see what you do and what you see
    b) Because it is thought that no one will do dangerous things with their footprints
    c) Teach people to respect each other's privacy

  11. a) People can trace what you do online.
    b) People think that unless you use that computer they use, you cannot see what they are doing.
    c) People should educate the public.

  12. A) People can see what you have done and copy your ip address and trace it to your house to where you stay. Of they can send a virus to your computer to extract your passwords and so on
    B) They think that it does not affect them
    C) You can do nothing.

  13. (a) The things we post online can be copied, passed on and traced.
    (b) I think that it is because people just assume that the internet is safe and just post anything they want.
    (c) I think we can educate the people on the dangers so that people can be more aware of these dangers/

  14. a) The imminent dangers presented in the video are what you do can be copied over and over again, what you search can be traced and what you post could be permanent.

    b) i think many people are ignorant as they do not know or do not care about the matter until they face the consequences.

    c) There should be lessons or education to inform the public of such dangers and issues.

  15. (a) Everything you do online can be tracked. Therefore, it also means people can track what your using whenever they want.
    (b) They do not know how one can easily hack into their privacy.
    (c) Make infographics like this.

  16. a) Other people can access any site that you go to and find out where you are.

    b) Many people think that there are ways to prevent all forms of tracking and their information can be protected.

    c) People can stop flaunting and making themselves too popular, thus reducing a chance of them being stalked/traced.

  17. can be stalked by paedophiles and your info that you put online can be seen by everyone

    They are noobs when it comes to privacy

    we should tell them by showing them the info posted online by them, and show how much can be revealed

  18. (a) Your information can be leaked into the website and read by the website creator, and he/she can use your information for his own business.
    (b) They think that by clearing their history, no one can track them.
    (c) People should think before you act, see whether the website is trustworthy before visiting it.

  19. (a) What you do online can be seen by everyone, can be copied, can be passed on or can be permanent.
    (b) People don't care about these dangers because they haven't experienced the consequences of these dangers.
    (c) Public education, awareness etc.

  20. (a) If there is something you create online and you upload it, the information you created can be copy it and copy it as his/her own
    (b) They never thought that other people are capable of doing such a thing.
    (c) People should inform other people about this issue

  21. Getting tracked.
    Because they thing they are anonymous
    Show them people getting hacked

  22. (a) No privacy, what ever website u visited can be traced as you leave a digital footprint there, thus you can easily lose personal information.
    (b) They think that they are very safe and ignore such dangers
    (c) Public awarness

  23. (a) Whatever we post, like, comment, etc can be traced, found or even hacked onto due to us leaving behind a mark even by just visiting a website. This can be permanent and can be leaked on or concealed to other people which can use it for blackmailing purposes, stalking purposes, etc.
    (b) People are usually ignorant as they have not experienced being stalked or being blackmailed for the content that they post or view. This can also happen due to a lack of education and knowledge on this subject, which causes them to be naive and gullible.
    (c) Public education, Speeches, Television News can make people aware of these dangers.

  24. a)people can stalk you online and see where you are whenever you post online
    b)people think that whatever you do online cannot affect you online
    c)educate people of the dangers online

  25. (a) People you don't know are able to track the things you are doing, thus lead into your privacy.

    (b) People assume that since it's their own computer or phone, it is completely safe but what they don't know, the sites they're visiting, the games they're playing, the softwares they're downloading, can be tracked by the owners themselves. Even Phone, Google is able to track the location of your phone, and knows everywhere you go.

    (c) Not saying people shouldn't use media, but try to cut short of using media. Like unnecessary ones. Is it really necessary to post pictures on Instagram? Where people can see the things you post. If you're just browsing through Facebook, then it should be fine. Inform these people through social media itself, newspaper or a talk if you want to. Also, since this all started from "Cyberbullies", we should also try to stop them. Why do they cyberbully? Is it because they are suffering? These people should also have a talk once in a while, clearing them off from cyberbullying as soon as possible.


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