Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 1 What it means to be Digital Citizens?

SST Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme
6 February 2017
Me, Myself & My Cyber Persona

This video is about a young girl who is chatting to a man she does not know. The man asks her to meet him and she does. She really likes the man and thinks he makes her feel special! but is that really the truth?

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Reflection Question 1
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(a) What are the cyber dangers presented in the scenario? 

(b) Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim? 

(c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online? 


  1. (a) This girl was talking to a guy online what she did not even know and she got raped...
    (b) She was too innocent to belief that the guy was actually real love for her...
    (c) You have never seen the person before so you will belief the person profile!

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  3. a) people want you to strip online.
    b) She felt lonely and sad but the person on the other side is showing her "love" and "concern".
    c) You can easily put a fake name and become a totally different person online.

  4. a) Meeting people whom you do not know
    b) She had trouble adjusting socially with the community?
    c) They can easily set their profile to how they want it to be

  5. a) Don't know who is at the other end

    b) She was lonely and bored

    c) difficult to check if info is real

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  7. a) People online wanted to see you strip.
    b) She was easily fallen into the traps as she felt happy when the man called her gorgeous.
    c) People can set up a fake profile and also put in false information about themselves.

  8. (a) Talking to someone online and meeting that person in real life.
    (b) She might be lonely or believed that, that person is what he said he was.
    (c) You don't know that person. That person can give you false information about himself/herself.

  9. a) The cyber dangers presented in the scenario is meeting people who you do not know
    b) She felt stressed from the community
    c) No restrictions are put on those who fake their personal information such as age

  10. a) She was being played by a man she has not meet but talked to before.
    b) She talked to the man for a long time already.
    c) You cannot see his/her face and cannot know his/her intentions.

  11. a)A man whom the girl did not know wanted to meet her in real life and wanted her to send pictures that are not decent.
    b)She was probably lonely in real life, thinking that she had no one to talk to. So, when the man wanted to talk to her she felt happy again and she was desperate for companionship.
    c)Behind the screen, it is very easy to pretend to be someone else because you don't know the person in real life and the man could have used a different picture and different information to mislead others.

  12. (a) The cyber danger in this scenario was a paedophile stalking a girl.
    (b) She was gullible.
    (c) Because the girl is naive and believes everything she sees online

  13. a)
    -Falling for cons.
    -Being tricked into doing something indecent.

    -She could be lonely
    -She could be thirsty for attention
    -The guy was a skilled conman

    -You can fake your information
    -Nobody can track your information unless they are skilled
    -People believe what they see online

  14. A) The person the girl was talking to wanted her to strip
    B) She feel that she had no friends.She did not think that she was beautiful enough and when she went online someone actually called her beautiful so she succumbed into the temptation.
    C) You can choose what name you want and become a different person online.

  15. (a) A man tried to con a little girl, into coming to his house, where he can abuse her.

    (b) She believed the man too easily and followed exactly what he had say.

    (c) When meeting a person online, you can only make a judgement from the words they say. These people can easily type any words to lure you online. Some also, use their profile picture as a way to lure you out. They can place a fake picture of someone else and make you think it's them. This is especially if the victim is lonely and needs attention.

  16. a) The cyber dangers are meeting up with unknown people and letting the unknown person see your private parts.
    b) She succumbed so easily to the temptations as i think she was never complimented and wanted to complimeneted which the unknown man did.
    c) You can always change your name online or make a new persona so it is not safe

  17. a) Paedophiles are around and lurking in the internet and you should be smart and don't try to find boyfriends, most importantly stay away from people trying to get you to strip or ask you out. (Especially when you are a kid)

    b) She was lonely , maybe she thought she had too little friends , influence from some girls who have "boyfriends" , she wants love , family troubles, too bored.

    c) You can put your name as any one and put a nice photo , thus, one must not be too naive and avoid talking to strangers online when you are a kid , stay smart, safe and happy :)

  18. 1) The cyber dangers on the internet is that the person she is meeting is someone that she does not know.
    2) She was happy that she was praised by the person and she decided to meet the person.
    3) She thought that just because of the good comments online, she thought that he was a good person.

  19. (a) The cyber dangers are that you could meet with a stranger and get abused by him/her.
    (b) I think that it is because the girl was very lonely at home and she wanted a friend that she could talk to.
    (c) It is because you cannot see or hear the person so you cannot judge the person or see how he/she is like.

  20. a) Pedophiles
    b) I think it is because she has difficulties in her family that led her to become a victim
    c) Because not being able to talk face-to-face to somebody lets one not reveal patterns in lying

  21. (a) The cyber danger presented is cyberbullying. The man wanted to blackmail her for his own desire.
    (b) She was probably lonely and felt as if she needed the man she was talking to online.
    (c) There are many people with different personas. Then, it will be hard for police to track down millions of fake personas online.

  22. (a) The cyber dangers presented in the scenario is that some people are naive to meet people whom they have met online. This is dangerous as you do not know who you are communicating to online.
    (b) The girl succumbed easily because she was naive and possibly felt lonely, she needed to lean on someone as a pillar of support, to guide her through this time. However, she came across the wrong person to lean on for support.
    (c) It is easy to assume a different persona online as you can change your name, age, gender, etc to make it look like you are a completely different person than you are in reality..

  23. Becuz no boi likes her then she vry sad. Cyber dangerss r things lik gettin harmed on line. She iz naut vry smart. it iz so EZ cuz u can chnge alot of tings bout u to masc ur identity.


    @) There are potential dangers of random people who are posing a threat towards other internet users.
    Bee) Because there isn't a single male human being who has taken the slightest emotional liking towards the main protagonist of the video clip shown above.
    See?) Because you can change your IP.

  24. a) Online dating and insecurity.

    b) She wanted to find comfort in others as she was lonely. She didn't think of the dangers that online chatting websites pose and felt like it was safe.

    c) There is no way to confirm if somebody is telling the truth or not if their physical body is not there/ if they are online. Thus, anybody can assume a random name and identity.

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  26. (a) The girl meet up a guy she met online that she did not know well and in the end got sexually assaulted.
    (b) She is young and innocent, thinking that she had found a person who loves her.
    (c) It is easy to put a fake picture and comes up with a fake name, therefore a persona can be easily assumed.

  27. a)It is cyberbullying.The man wanted her to take her top off in order to blackmail her next time
    b)She had depression and wanted to make more friends
    c)Websites uses usernames,allowing someone to make a fake profile easily

  28. a)
    - Falling for a scam
    - Tricked into the house
    - She might be lonely and neglected and wanted company.
    - The scammer might have used means to get her to trust him.
    - You can fake your information online to make you like a good guy.


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